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We are a collective of street artists and artisans with creativity in our blood and art in our souls.
We have more than 30 years experience participating in numerous art fairs and expos across the country and around the world.
Fantasy Fest At Key West
Sandra -
From Chile

When it comes to art, Sandra has done everything! From caricatures to oil paintings, from henna tattoos to real tattoos, ceramics, handcrafted jewelry and body art… Traditionally trained in painting with brushes as opposed to the airbrush, she specializes in those fine body art designs that are intricate and detailed or just cover a small area of the body. Her favorites are floral designs and wildlife!

from Mexico 

With his highly creative and out-of the box thinking, Hector has done pretty much anything related to art or handcrafted work.  He is very much a maker at heart and sees his surroundings as a constant creative challenge with more ideas than the day is long! When not painting naked people, Hector devotes most of his time to fixing up and creatively changing the home and studio workshop we are living in and working out of. Having worked for Teatro Campesino in California for many years, he is expert in liquid latex, prosthetics and special effects make up. For body painting, his specialty are corsets and clothing and keeping the guests entertained and happy!

Fantasy Fest Body Painting
Fantasy Fest Key West
from Germany 

Meike is the one that answers your emails- she's the one to talk to about the appointments and bookings. Meike's favorite body paintings are tribal-inspired and abstract designs that flow with the body and have a ton of colors… Aside from body painting, Meike sets up her booth every night at the Sunset Celebration to sell her handcrafted jewelry. You can see it here:

from Mexico 

We like to call him our Picasso- no painting is ever really finished! With Martin, there is always room for improvement- how much time to you have? Having been inspired by Bob Ross's videos as a young child he turned into a very accomplished painter. Martin usually makes his living painting with spray cans as a street artist- a fast and quick style of art that gets created right in front of the audience with no chance for changes or long considerations … just like body painting.  See his work on Facebook:

Key West Body Paint
Key West Fantasy Fest Body Paint
Lela -
from pittsburgh, PA 

Lela is newest additions to our team. She has lived on and off the island. Besides body paining, she works behind the scenes on feature films and TV Shows! She has a college degree in Applied Media Art form Edinboro University of PA and loves to travel the world studying art, food and cultures! Hand painting and attention to detail is her speciality and glitter is her friend!

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